WFIB is a dedicated online provider of insurance cover for franchisees, franchisors and franchised businesses.

Our service is fully automated, compliant and will provide you with full documentation.

WFIB arranges insurance programs for Franchised Businesses and once your Franchised group has been approved you will enjoy fast, affordable and simply the easiest method to protect your business investment.

Worldwide coverage. Localised service.

Worldwide coverage. Localised service.

One of the real benefits of insuring with WFIB is our growing network of locally based insurance brokers. As these insurance professionals live and work in your region, you will enjoy a very personalised approach to service your insurance needs.

It couldn’t possibly be any easier

When you insure your franchise business with WFIB, you do not need to answer a multitude of questions and fill in numerous forms. All you need to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re done. That’s it. There is no paperwork. No signatures. No printing out documents and no faxing.

Protecting your business is now as easy as four clicks of a computer mouse. It’s why more and more franchised businesses are turning to WFIB for the simplest and most affordable insurance cover.

For more information about WFIB or for a quote on providing insurance for your franchised business, please visit our contact page.