Worldwide coverage. Localised service.

Worldwide coverage. Localised service.

One of the real benefits of insuring with WFIB is our growing network of locally based insurance brokers. As these insurance professionals live and work in your region, you will enjoy a very personalised approach to service your insurance needs.

We can save you money on insurance.

WFIB buys insurance in bulk at a discounted rate. This discounted rate is then passed back to our franchised groups for the financial benefit of all franchisees. As insurance is one of the most price competitive commodities, we are continually negotiating to ensure our franchise groups enjoy the highest levels of insurance cover for the lowest possible cost.

We provide a collective insurance solution for all your franchisees

When you endorse WFIB as the preferred provider of insurance for your franchise group, we will create a dedicated online area designed and branded specifically for your business. When the time comes for individual franchisees to take up insurance with WFIB, each franchisee is provided with unique and secure login information to access our system.

We help you ensure that your franchisees are insurance compliant. Taking away the hassle, giving you peace of mind and protecting your brand.
For more information about WFIB or for a quote on providing insurance for your franchised business, please visit our contact page.